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Though there is much we do not know about this world, there are two definitive things we do know which are also uncontested: birth and death. Even in Buddhism, you will find that these two aspects of life are a certainty, but as we all know, one is celebrated and the other not so much. And as you can imagine, death can have a profound impact on people, especially if the person is close to you and the death is sudden as well. However, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by many resources that allow us to tap into them so we may be able to use those tools accordingly. Support and knowledge are essential when coping with a sudden death, and we hope that these tips will, therefore,be useful.

Talk about Things

You may understandably not want to speak to the person for some time which can vary from person to person, but if possible do not let it go there. By all means take all the privacy and time you need, but if there is opportunity to speak about them, then do so. You will be surprised to see how much of a positive effect it has on you. It is nice to share stories and anecdotes about this person, looking back at the life they lived. Bottling emotions and feelings is unhealthy to say the least, so bond with others and share your grief so it lessens.


This can take some time, and there is no definitive time period per se here either, simply a matter left to you and how you cope over time. But, the sooner you accept the situation for what it is, the better. You too will gradually make your way out of this rut, but without accepting things it will prove to be difficult. No amount of funerals can prepare you for this, but your own willpower, strength andresilience can. Acceptance is one of the hardest stages of the process, but you will make it through, so stay strong.

Help Each Other Out

You might be tempted to lock yourself in a room for weeks on end, and by all means do that if you think it helps you come to terms with what has happened. But, if we may say so ourselves, we think that helping each other that is friends and family, can also be quite healing. In fact, by being there for each other you are coming together in the deceased person’s name, creating something new and very special in the process as well.

Seek Professional Help

There is nothing wrong with seeking the counsel of a therapist when dealing with such raw, intense emotions. Do some research to find out who is good, and whether they can help you. Your health and well-being are important right now, and no you are not being selfish about it either. If left to their own devices, your thoughts will cling on and never let go, which is what leads to severe mental conditions somewhere down the line. So take heart and march on.


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