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Deciding to buy a used car takes a lot of research than you thought to ensure that you are purchasing a good one. It may be a little hard, but for sure, you can find a good deal and can save money too than buying a new one. Of course, you would not like the idea that you hard earned money will be in the trash for buying a used car in not so good condition. You might be excited about the idea of buying your own car; you should not disregard some primary measure to make sure that the deal is really great. So, how will you ensure that you are buying a good used car?

Go on a Test Drive

Taking the car on a test drive will give you a grip on how smooth the car is when running and will enable you to see if there are problems that the seller did not tell you. If you are allowed to test drive it not just once, take the opportunity to do so to better figure out if everything is good and you are comfortable while driving it. Do not just test drive on smooth roads but also try on bumpy roads to check out if it still goes fine with such kind of road.

Ask for the Maintenance Record

Most probably, the car had been in the auto repair shop and of course, the owner has the records. Ask for a copy for you to know the history of the car is when it comes to maintenance and repair. If the records reflect that the car is well-maintained and tyre pressure is checked regularly by TPMS Australia, then the car is most probably in good condition.

Check Out the Features and Interior

It is also very important to check out if there are no damages in the interior and all the features are working just fine. Check if the air con, stereo, door locks and windows are working in as much as look out of there are scratches on the seats. Use all your senses to look for possible damages as you can’t see some of them by just simply using your eyes.

Check Out the Exterior

Maybe the car has scratches and I am telling you, a car repaint is more expensive than you though. It is very important that you look for the damages yourself as there are other sellers who do not tell you all the damages that the car has. Be keen enough to inspect and observe if there are dents or tints as you can ask for a price adjustment if there is.

Choose a Recent Model

If possible, you should always go for a recent model rather than buying a model that came out years or decades ago.  Ideally, buy a car that is not used for more than 5 years from the transaction date as this adds to the assurance that you are buying an almost new and fully functional car.

Buying your own car with your own money is probably a dream come true, thus you have to be careful in choosing before finally buying. Do not just rely on what was told to you, but do the inspection yourself as you will be the one buying and using it.

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