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They say love sometimes takes place at first sight. And therefore, it is important to look and be your best on your first date in order to create a good and lasting impression that will greatly help you in finding the perfect one for you.

It is all about arousing the other person’s interest in you. Making them want to get to get to know you more after your first ever date. This is why it is vital for you to think of ways on how to keep your acquaintance and communication active for it to eventually end up with you having the one you have always been dreaming of. A successful first date contributes hugely to this cause. And to help you in creating a good first impression, here are some tips to try:

Listen With All of Your Heart and Senses

When your date talks, make sure you truly listen to what they are saying. Seeing that you are paying attention to everything they are saying makes them feel more important. And by listening truly, you also need to respond and be attentive to what your date says. Converse and make a good talk. Get the conversation going and avoid awkward pauses as much as possible. Ask your date of their likes, dislikes and other icebreaker questions that are just the right amount of probing, not too personal and not too trivial. A great conversation is an indication of a potential romantic relationship. Take note of the things you have in common and focus more on these topics because these are comfortable subjects for the both of you.

Look At Your Date and Keep Eye Contact

The eyes are the window to the soul and this is especially true when it comes to dating. The stage of getting to know each other is an important part of the relationship and one way to find out if who you are spending time with is really the one is when you see the sincerity and truthfulness in their eyes as they look at you. Eye contact is a good indication of whether what you are about to have is the real thing. Be sincere and show it through good eye contact, as well as getting your actions in sync with your intentions.

Choose A Great Way to Start Your Dating Scene

A romantic date can be achieved in a lot of ways. Being in one of the top restaurant in Geelong can be a great place to start dating. Find a famous restaurant that will not just cater good food but good customer service as well.

Keep Your Phone in Your Bag

Nowadays, smart phones have become an extension of a person’s hand. It is something that you cannot easily ignore unless there is a conscious effort to disregard it for something else. Your first date and every date for that matter is an example of a situation that calls for your smart phone to be kept in the bag. Your full attention should be on what is going on with your date. Your smart phone will have to wait for later.

Dating is an intriguing and fun part of life. You may want to be at your best and look your best, but remember not to overdo it that your real self is entirely shadowed by what you are trying to project to impress your date. Be true and show it to your date as much as possible because in the end, acceptance is still the key to a good and lasting relationship.

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