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Celebrations will never be complete without gift-giving, especially if the occasion is a birthday celebration. If you are the one receiving gifts, then this article is not for you. But, if you are the one who is supposed to give a gift―and to be specific, to a friend who is crazy about sports―then this is the thing for you to read. There can be a lot of ideas in giving a gift to your sports fanatic friends and here are some of the best ideas that you can use:

Sports-Themed Birthday Party

Who says gifts need to be in a box? You can also give a gift made out of effort and collaboration among friends, and one classic example is throwing a surprise birthday party for the celebrant. IN this case, since your friend is a sports fanatic, why not give them a party with a sports theme? Put some sports-related decors, dress up as athletes and have a cake with sports as a theme. This is fun, quirky and really special because of the personalized items included in the party. You can even have games that are related to sports such as a trivia game for the sports your friend is most enthusiastic about or finding out who can win a game of billiards or in-house golf. There are a lot of activities that you can try out, just be creative, fun and quirky.

Getting Them Tickets to Their Favourite Matches

If you have a football fanatic friend who is about to celebrate their birthday, one of the best gifts to give them is AFL tickets so they could watch their favourite teams play right before their very eyes. Watching a game live on TV is a great thing, but being in the stadium and seeing the players’ work it in front of you is on a whole other level. This is a gift idea that a football fanatic would definitely love and appreciate. Be sure to book in advance and get the best seats for them in order for the experience to be the best they could ever have.

Signed Items or Limited Edition Collectibles

Another great idea to use for giving gifts to your sports enthusiastic friend is by giving them limited edition collectibles that are in line with their favourite sports or player. Sports fanatics are really into collectible items that show their enthusiasm with their sports of choice and giving them these as gifts only show how much you support them. Another way to show them love on their birthday is by giving sports items that bear the signature of their sports heroes. If they are into football, you can give signed uniforms or posters. This one can be a bit tough to achieve but if you ever have the access to these kinds of items, make good use of it and give your sports fanatic friend another reason to be happy about on their birthday.

Making others happy on their birthday is a really nice feeling. A simple gift to show them your love is always a beautiful thing to do, and by making it something they really are passionate about makes your gift all the more special.


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