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Once you have prepared the food and drinks, invited the guests and has got all the decorations ready, the next step is to clean up the house before the party. Since your aim is to make your guests feel comfortable and create a good mood in the place, you will have to take some time for cleaning the house and add some final touches. Here are some of the things you need to do.

Check What Needs To Be Done

Take a look around the house and check what are the places that you need to clean, what are the places you need to hang any extra decor and what are the special items that need to be there. Get a pen and a notebook and note down all the activities you need to complete before the guests arrive. This will help you from forgetting anything. Get some cleaning supplies with you including a duster, a broom, a vacuum cleaner and some garbage bags.


Preparing for a party will certainly leave some trash lying around the house such as bits of crepe and paper or pieces of clothing. Get rid of these items immediately. Keep the kitchen clean, specially the sink area, as the guests might arrive here for various needs. Also, don’t forget to keep your bathrooms and bedrooms clean too. Especially if the guests have to stay overnight, you need to be prepared to accommodate them. Being a good host is not only treating them but also making them feel at home.

Make Space

Since you are preparing for a party, you might have to do some changes in the place. Take away unnecessary items from the living room. Specially in a party for kids or teens, take steps to keep any fragile objects away from their reach. If there are too much furnitures in the living room, move them temporarily to somewhere else as your guests will need more space to move around. Instead of heavy furniture hire some party tables and chairs. Use your backyard too if you need more space. Add a table or two to store the food and drinks.

Add Decorations

Once all the cleaning and de-cluttering is done, you can finally add the decoration around the house. Add balloons or crepe or any other décor items you have prepared. Make sure you have enough lighting required for the party, including your porch to make it easier for your guests if the party is at night. Add the final touches with drapes for the party area, clean table cloths for the tables and one or two decorative trinkets in the right place to give the place a festive and elegant look.

Remember that preparing your house for a party includes not just decoration but also cleaning the place as well. You will need to place some trash cans at several places so that the guests will have somewhere to throw half-eaten food, plastic cups and paper serviettes. A well-organized party can avoid you so many troubles. Preparing the house early will let you enjoy instead of worrying about every small detail during the time of the event.


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