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Body shapers have become a common wardrobe necessity nowadays. From the old fashioned corset, shapewears have evolved through time to fit every woman’s need. Nowadays, shapers are available in different styles such as bodysuits, corsets, hosieries and arm shapers. They also range in almost all sizes possible, from regular to plus size. Their material also varies depending on the shaping power they offer. Overall, shapewears can be worn by everyone who wants to look good in what they wear. Read along to learn the science behind shapewears and how high quality ones are designed.

How Does Shapewear Work?

Body shapers work by tucking in excess curves or fats and pushing them into more desirable areas. A bodysuit, for example, is tailored to flatten out flabby tummy and waist and pushing them down into the rear or up into the bust area. It also makes your body look slimmer as your silhouette appears to be smoother and sexier.

Does Shapewear Make You Lose Fat?

No, it doesn’t. You might look a few sizes smaller than your original size but the extra fats are still there. They are just sculpted and shaped in a better looking way that it flatters your figure.

Is It Safe To Wear?

There are many reports claiming about the negative health effects of wearing shapewears such as constriction of organs, blood clots or even acid reflux. Good to know that these only happen when you wear too tight body shapers. As long as you choose the right size for you that fit comfortably, you are generally safe from all those negative health effects.

Good Shapewear Design

There are plenty of factors that contribute to the overall design quality of body shapers. Being aware of those factors greatly helps when choosing what shapewear to buy. Good fit for you – Shapewears are made in various sizes to fit anyone. Remember to choose the right size to enjoy its full benefits. Gentle but strong waistband – High quality shapewears are made with waistbands that doesn’t roll, stays in place and doesn’t dig into your skin for a more comfortable feeling. Italian 3D yarn technology – Shapewears that utilize this new technology are more durable and provides better support than the common ones. Its extra elastic and stretchable nature makes it a good material for plus size shapewears. For a curvy lady, an Italian plus size bodysuit is a great pick. Reinforced thighs – Lots of rubbing happen in the thigh area as we walk. Durable shapewears have thigh reinforcements that make them resist the damage done by friction.360 degrees seamless stretch – Seamless shapewears, aside from the absence of uncomfortable gusset bands, are more comfortable to use since they allow free movement on any direction. Waterproof technology – Most great shapewears are made with fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin so the wearer won’t get sweaty inside. On rare brands, they also add anti-bacterial technology so the user stays and feels fresh inside even wearing fitting body shapers.

Whether you’re planning to get a new shapewear or already own lots of them, it is great to know the real science behind each one and utilize their fullest potential. If you really want to look great on any occasion, you’ll never regret choosing high quality ones.


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