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Lockers, as we all know, are a bunch of square-like compartments where you can store your valuable personal belongings. These are often found in schools, workplaces, public spaces, amusement parks, gyms, spas or even at home. Looking at these lockers, it may look uncomplicated, but in reality, you have to acknowledge a lot of stuff to find the perfect locker for your space. Here are some of the things you need to consider in choosing your locker.

Locker Size

One of the important things to contemplate is the locker size. You need to evaluate how small or big a locker should be depending on the people who are going to use it. You should ask yourself if they need a regular one or a double tier one. If you are planning to put them in a school, you should opt for a bigger locker since the students have a lot of stuff to carry like big books and a pile of notebooks. These big lockers may also be helpful if the school has a varsity since the varsity players need a big space to put their stuff such as uniforms and sports gear.

Area Size

You need to determine the size of the location you are planning to put the lockers as well. This will help you select the perfect locker size. If your area has a spacious hallway, you may want to install corridor lockers. If you have an extra room, you may want to convert it into a locker room and set up lockers which are taller in height but narrow in space to maximize the room. These types of lockers are best to use as work lockers especially in hospitals since you have a slot to hang your clothes if you need to change into your work uniform. You have enough space for your bag, too.  

Colour Preference

This is one the things you need to consider specifically if you are planning to install lockers in a business establishment such as spas or a country club. This will not only help you to secure your guests’ or your clients’ belongings but also aid you to attract more customers and promote good aesthetics. It will surely make your business look stylish just be certain to match it with your wall colour scheme or furniture. You can also choose from different kinds of lockers. You can select from plastic, wood or metal lockers depending on your liking or the guests’ needs. You can always ask for help from your interior designer to get the best fit for your space.


Purchasing the ideal locker also depends on how much budget you have allocated for it. If you have enough money, you can always buy lockers that are made from high-quality materials and made by well-known manufacturers. If you need a ton of lockers and you don’t have sufficient balance, you can always buy used ones. These are cheaper and will save you some money. You just need to be certain that the ones you bought are revamped and are in good working condition.

Lockers are beneficial to everyone may it be for personal or business use. Always remember that you need to find the perfect ones to enjoy its use and get your money’s worth.

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