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Walking or driving past construction sites, you may have often seen metal bars that stick out of sections of concrete and wondered what they are and what they are used for. These bars, known as rebar, are place into concrete in order to provide reinforcement for the structure that is being built. This is absolutely essential for any structure regardless of how large it is intended to be. In addition, in buildings where there are upper floors made of concrete, reinforcement is crucial to prevent cracks and in certain cases, collapse.

So how exactly is rebar able to reinforce concrete? The ways are listed below:

Providing Additional Strength

Rebar is very sturdy, especially the ones made out of materials such as stainless steel or fiberglass which possess high tensile strength. While concrete itself is very strong on its own, it is may not be able to handle the added tension that some buildings experience regularly. Take a warehouse with multiple floors for example. On a daily basis, there will be heavy machinery such as forklifts and trolleys that place a lot of weight on the floor. In scenarios like this reinforcement with rebar is not just important but crucial because they absorb the additional stress placed on the structure, hence preventing cracks or an outright collapse.

Providing Flexibility in Design

Nowadays, a lot of homeowners and business owners alike want to stand out with their homes or offices with unique and fashionable design elements. For example, homeowners may want circular platforms for their balconies in order to complement a particular aesthetic they have planned for the entire house.

Situations like this need flexible reinforcement and rebar can provide just that. Having the ability to manipulate it to your specific needs using one of the most effective rebar benders available, means that you don’t have to let go of or compromise on the vision you have for your home or office space.

Providing Additional Durability

In addition to strength and flexibility, rebar can also improve the durability of the concrete used in different ways. Certain types of rebar such as stainless steel or fiberglass ones are very resistant to corrosion. This means that their reinforcement abilities will not wane even in locations where corrosion is exacerbated due to high humidity. Rebar are usually very resistant to heat as well. So buildings that are reinforced using rebar will usually be able to hold up against a fire much better than those that aren’t. Furthermore, rebar that is made out of fiberglass is resistant to frost and therefore are suitable for use in buildings located in very cold countries.

Reducing the Amount of Thickness Needed

By providing additional strength to concrete, rebar minimizes the thickness of concrete that is needed to produce sturdiness in structures. This can be very useful if you want to save money but also ensure that you don’t compromise on the integrity of the structure at the same time.

Of course, as mentioned above, rebar comes in a variety of different offerings from carbon steel to epoxy coated. Depending on the variant you go with, the reinforcement benefits you will experience will vary. Concrete is usually paired with steel reinforcement but this isn’t a rule that’s set in stone. Speak to an expert and find out which is the best solution for your needs.

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