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Cars are expensive investments which require proper care and maintenance to make them last long. Most car owners ensure that they have a carport or a garage to keep their vehicle protected from the sun, rain, wind and dust. However, there are a few who don’t have the budget to build a permanent carport. Most of them just park their car along the road or on their front yard, exposed from all the damaging factors you could possibly imagine. Luckily, shade sails can do the job just as traditional carports do. Their main purpose is to keep sunlight, rain and wind out making them a perfect material for a makeshift carport. They are also more affordable than building a permanent carport so it’s a perfect choice if you’re on a budget. Here are a few advantages of shade sail carports.


  • More space

Shade sails are more spacious than any other structure. They have no walls so you can store more things under the shade, even more vehicles if the sail is wider. You don’t need to worry about your car bumping onto posts since shade sails are just suspended up there.

  • Affordable

Shade sails are great for car owners on a tight budget yet want to build a dependable car port to keep a car safe. Prices vary depending on the material of the sail and its size. Visit your trusted carport shade sails Brisbane supplier for all your shade needs.

  • Easy to Install and Disassemble

Shade sails are so easy to install you don’t even need to have prior knowledge to assemble one properly. Simply secure all the corners to a fixing point and you now have your very own shade sail car port. It is also easy to disassemble; perfect if you want to move your carport somewhere or store it when you already have a permanent one.

  • Wind-Resistant

While tents and other canopy can get easily blown off by strong winds, shade sails are wind-resistant and remain steady no matter how strong the wind blows.

  • Easy to Maintain

Shade sails require low maintenance. You can even leave them on for a long time after installing. Tears and breaks can be easily repaired through patching and sewing. You can even replace linking systems with new parts if needed.

  • Quick Installation

Shade sails are one of the best options if you need a carport installed immediately. If you’re still building a permanent carport or having some repairs, just put up a shade sail to serve as protection for your car in the meantime.

Factors to Look for When Buying Shade Sail for Carport

When you’re planning to use a shade sail as a carport, there are several factors you need to consider. The sail should be bigger than your car so it can cover all the areas that need protection. Make sure to pick ones with UV protection to protect your car’s paint. Water-resistance is also important so your car doesn’t get wet when it rains.

When buying shade sails, don’t fall for cheap ones because they aren’t as durable as those high quality ones.

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