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As the manager or owner of a large enterprise, one of your least important responsibilities is ensuring that the office is kept clean at all times. While this may remain at the back of your head at all times, it is not something to undermine. Keeping your office tidy and clean at all times affects the productivity of employees as well as the overall ambiance of the workplace. After all, would you want to work in an unclean and untidy environment? So what’s the best solution? Most large offices hire private commercial cleaning services to get the job done for them. Not only does do they help get your mind off the office being dirty, but they also do a pretty good job at it.

However there are many factors to take into consideration before you hire a company to clean your office.

The Quality of Service

The cleaning industry is estimated at around $80 billion, thus in order to obtain these services, you would have to pay a fair amount of money. Thus you should ensure that the cleaning company that you hire uses professional and quality equipment. Not only should they use good equipment but obviously their cleaning services should also be top-notch. The last thing you need to see is a mess in the office right after they leave. If you fail to look into minute details like this, chances are that you’ll probably end up with a poor commercial cleaning company.

The services they provide

Before you hire a certain company to clean our workspace, it will save you a great deal of trouble if you ask what services they include before they start on their job. For example, most commercial cleaning companies only tend to the office space. If you need the office bathrooms cleaned as well, you might have to look for a more specialised cleaning service. Another issue with not knowing what services each cleaning company performs is that, if and when you find out that the cleaning job is half done, you might not have an argument as the cleaning company will then state that they only do a certain number of services. Therefore it highly advisable to look into all of these services before you hire someone for the job.


Here’s an important factor to take into consideration when hiring a cleaning company. You need to check whether they have suitable liability insurance behind them so that if any sort of accident were to happen during the cleaning process, you won’t be liable for the incident. Most services related to commercial cleaning in Perth claim to possess adequate insurance to complete the job. But it’s always advisable to double check their certificates of insurance before going ahead. This is even more important from the aspect of the company, as if one of the cleaners were to damage the property they are working on, insurance should be available to bear the cost of the damage, without your company having to get involved financially.

Therefore we can see that there are numerous things to take into consideration before hiring a commercial cleaning company.

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