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Since it is a necessity, buying water dispensers is now as easy as buying bread from a bakery. But that is, if you already know what you are looking for. Water dispensers come in various forms that if you are not yet certain what you need, you might feel the need to buy all the types of water dispenser available in the market. Before you buy one, there are certain factors you need to consider and by so doing, would help you narrow down the choices.

Water dispensers usually dispense cold water but there are also those that have a second dispenser that dispenses room temperature or hot water. If you are the type of person to enjoy a hot beverage every now and then, this type of dispenser is advisable for you to lessen the time for heating water. Similarly, there are newer model of water dispensers that dispenses sparkling water. And if you are the type that frequently drinks carbonated beverages, splurging for a dispenser with one would help you save money in the long run.


Now that you have decided whether you need a dispenser for cold water or for hot and cold or with sparkling water, the next decision is for the type of water dispenser. Do you need it to be wall mounted? Or would it be more efficient and safe for you for the dispenser to be on a counter top, far from the reaches of active children’s curious grasp?

Purpose of Use

If you are buying water dispenser for office use, you have to take into consideration the number of people who would use it. Water dispensers for public consumption should be durable and should have the capacity to serve hundreds of glasses and bottles on a daily basis. A dispenser like this should be able to hold large amount of water to lessen the need for refills. If you are planning to buy a water dispenser online, make sure to double check the capacity storage. If it is just for home use, a smaller one is enough to save money since this is cheaper and to save space.

Maintenance and Cleaning

It would also be better to choose a water dispenser with make and model that is low maintenance and easy to clean. It is wrong to assume that the dispenser would not accumulate any dirt or germs since it is only used for water. It is actually recommended that water dispensers be cleaned and sanitized every 6-12 months.


Water dispensers especially those with hot water dispenser should have added precautionary feature to avoid scalding kids. This feature should also keep them from playing with the dispenser and spilling and wasting water which could lead to accidents, higher electricity bill and extra expenses on drinking water.

It might be a trivial consideration but, still be concerned about the physical appearance of the water dispenser and if it will go well with other equipment in your office or furniture in your home. The price should also be a factor but remember that an expensive one does not always necessarily mean high quality.


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