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Underwear is an essential part of every person’s wardrobe. And for women, this includes having brassieres with good support, full coverage and adaptable to fit every blouses and dress. Every woman has a hard time finding the perfect bra without straps because one, bras without straps almost always end up falling down, or the underwires keep on poking into their ribs or the silicone lining to keep it from slipping is unbelievably itchy.

If its that time again when you need to shop for bras without straps for a very important event where you need to look your best, follow the below tips to ensure you would have a bra that you could rely on when you need to wear a tube dress or a blouse with spaghetti straps.

Snug Fit

The most important feature your strapless bra should have is that it should be snug without being too constricting. If your bra is fitting you snugly, the chances of it falling down are lesser even if you participate in strenuous activities.

Silicone Linings

Most of these bras without straps have silicone linings at the bottom rims of the bra cup. But there are those that even have silicone linings at the top. If you want maximum clinch, opt for these kinds of bras with double silicone linings.

Foam Lined Cups

Bras without straps also come with foam-lined cups that would ensure ultimate coverage for your nipples. This is recommended if you would be wearing a blouse or a dress that is delicate and or flimsy. Also, it’s perfect to wear during colder seasons to avoid nipping.

Wire Free

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If you have been eyeing that strapless dress for a long time now but you are still on the fence about it because you are thinking shopping for a bra for that dress would be a pain, you don’t have to worry anymore because wire free bras without straps and band are now available. Two sticky cups with silicone would provide protection and coverage to your breasts and are joined together by a clip which could assist in providing you with the amount of cleavage that would look perfect in that backless dress.


If you want to buy two bras for the price of one, opt for a convertible bra. Convertible bras also come with straps and a hook if you want a more conventional bra that could be used in a day-to-day basis. This bra is perfect for those days when you don’t need to go strapless.

Memory Foam

The use of memory foam is not just limited to pillows and mattresses. Bras without straps also come with memory foam that molds with the shape of your breasts for a more custom fit.


Bandeaus are your no-fuss go-to brassieres if you want breathable coverage. Made out of spandex, some of these bras come with a band to put around your ribcage to ensure that it would stay put. Look out for bandeaus that come with straps to serve as a conventional bra beyond your strapless needs.

Shopping for bra has never been this easier. Do your research first and go to shops that would assist you since most women are not aware of their exact bra measurements and often end up buying a bra that doesn’t really accentuate their breast.


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