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Batch reunions call for a lot of celebration. Meeting old friends who are close to your heart and even some not-so-close friends and enjoying each other’s company after years is a precious thing. Attempting to bring everyone together to one place and organizing a time that is most convenient to everyone takes a lot of time and assistance from everyone in your batch.

Get in Touch with Everyone

You could start by informing or getting in touch with individuals through social media and getting them to agree and spread the word. Thanks to social media, you can create groups where everyone who was a member of your particular batch is added on and informed of the meeting. The next would be setting a convenient time and a date.

Select a date shortly and ask them to vote on whether or not they would be able to make it. Of course, it is impossible to find one day where everyone is free but give them enough time to reschedule if possible. If the majority agree on the decided date confirm with the group and ask the others to try and attend.

Decide on The Venue or Activity

The next step would be deciding on a venue. It is important to be sensitive to all members spending capacity. So, make certain that the prices of the food in the venue you choose has to be affordable and offers reasonable packages for large groups.

If a lot of you are football fans and want to do something a little on conventional for your batch reunion, you may want to look into the events happening in and around the area. Book the Australian football tickets well in advance once the number of tickets needed is confirmed.

Decide on Where You Are Going Afterwards

When choosing the place, another factor to consider would be the location. Decide on a restaurant that is central and is easily reachable by all members of your group. Make sure that the venue you have selected is well spaced and has a large variety of cuisines and services that cater to special menus.

Make the Reservations

Once the restaurant is clear about the menu you require and the number of people who would be expected to attend. Before making the final reservations at the restaurant, confirm the number of attendees with the group once more. Confirm your requirements again with the restaurant. Ensure that the restaurant is aware of your decision regarding the menu of a mix of cuisines including those which was decided upon previously.

Set Up A Committee

Nominate a committee which would consist of all willful volunteers to bring the event to life. Organize an informal time of catching up and then move on to fun games and other events that would help you as a batch, relive old times. Make sure that everybody feels welcome and at home. Allow each of your batch mates to talk about how far they have come since you all last met and just take some time to celebrate the blessing of friendship.


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