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Getting visa by means of investment is something that was introduced by the government of Australia as a new addition or stream that looks at promoting business innovation and investment in the country. This sector began in 2012 in the month of November and while it may have been around for quite some time now, there are many aspects of it that most investors are unaware about. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in this area that will help you figure out where you stand and what you may need to do.

What is this Visa?

The main purpose of this significant investor visa is to offer and create a boost for the economy of Australia and to also try and get high net worth individuals that are looking for migration opportunities with investment to come into the country. Any candidate that is applying under this category will be required to invest at least five million dollars into the investments for a minimum period of four years in order to be considered eligible for this and to apply for the permanent visa.

There are no upper age limits in this visa type and you will also not be asked to fulfill the innovation points test. There is also n threshold in English language that you will need to be above in order to qualify. However, if you or any of your dependents over the age of 18 years fail to show a functional ability in the language you will need to pay two installments of the visa charge.

What are Known as Complying Investments?

There are several categories that will come under the complying investments sector in this type of visa. Some of these will include any Commonwealth, State or Territorial government bonds, funds that has been regulated and managed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and are for investing in Australia.

You can also consider direct investment into an Australian proprietary company. It is important to keep in mind that as an investor you can change between any of these complying categories and that you can have options for investment in any of these complying areas. However, you will also be required to meet the specified requirements for reinvestment. Different states in Australia will have different requirements when it comes to this reinvestment area.

What is Needed if You Want to Change Between Complying Investments?

If you happen to be a holder of this kind of visa you will sometimes wish to change between the categories of investment that are considered as complying. This can be done given that the amount that you withdraw from the investment is actually equal to the amount that you invest in the other sector.

You will be given a maximum time limit of thirty days from the time that you withdraw your funds from one investment to reinvest in another complying investment. If the funds that deposited within these thirty calendar days, they will be taken as being held continuously from the original investment when it comes to your complying investments.


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